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England performance at the 2012 European Cup qualifier yesterday is very bad and even lucky to get one point with a 2-2 draw against Switzerland at Wembley. England game still does not have a recipe that fit and blends. It’s just remains a classic problem. Lampard was replaced at half-time, Ashley Cole suffered an injury and Terry tried to suppress chronic problem in his back. Meanwhile the substitute of both Ashley Cole and Frank Lampard (Leighton Baines and Ashley Young) shows the performance to providing fresh air for into England attack. From their movements both England capable to level 2-2 early in the second half and continued to show passion, hunger and determination to play until the end of the game.
And here's now the question: is whether Lampard, Terry and Cole completely unreliable and not the first-teamers again? Yes probably right it’s because the fatigue factor when playing in clubs throughout the season and the injury factor that makes them have a declining performance. If it is true because of old age, maybe it's time for them to be and gave up their first-teamer status to be a squad player only (except Captain Terry who’d still good despite the lack of pace). In England, if a player is indicated and proved to be less able to compete appear in the main team, the manager will be easily able to replace it with good players to call other English from all over the country and will not likely run out of human resources. And of course the most important thing that England can be sure it is ready and proved can play in the first team.
But what I fear is the effect that can happen to my beloved Chelsea. If the club continues to impose based on those players then the club we will continue to decline and will be stuck for inspiration of fresh air in the Chelsea game. If there is no academy players who could be promoted and given a chance to regenerate the senior players, we will be stuck and forced to buy it. With market players atmospheric conditions in the transfer window now, of course, good players who are available will have a very high price and it’s crazy. What is needed is a way the team and strategies to rejuvenate team without causing a huge gap of quality teams to continue to compete for the title and achievement in both the domestic and especially in the European competition.

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