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Alexis Sanchez Will Come To The Bridge

According to News Of The World today, Andre Villas-Boas is also interested of signing the hottest winger of the year Alexis Sanchez from Udinese. We know that maybe it’s a done deal for Barcelona to sign this player, but it’s a fair thinking for us Chelsea fans dreaming and hope this rumour become reality.

Because Sanchez can play on either wing or off of the main striker AVB is like buying two players in one. Chelsea have not had such a skilfull, industrious and influential player in the team since Zola. Besides Messi himself, Sanchez is the ONE player that is available in World football today that could transform this very good Chelsea team into a really great team. For these reasons I hope Roman blows City, United and Barca out of the water to get the lad. At 22 he is a genius and with his best years still to come. Pulling the strings for players like Drogba, Torres and Falcao, Chelsea would be the only team to live with this current Barca side in Europe and would certainly see us a favourites to win the Premiership title back. If Chelsea were to get Sanchez I also think it would be good for AVB to retain Danny Sturridge next term and have 4 main strikers to rotate and mix n match. Drogba, Torres, Falcao and Sturridge all champing at the bit to finish off the chances that Sanchez WOULD create would definately see attacking options not available to any other Premiership team and options that would frighten the life out of opposition teams. For those of you that may feel this is an over the top opinion, can I just say that I saw Alexis Sanchez play for Udinese in Serie A last term on 12 occassions and to liken him to Lionel Messi is NO EXAGERATION! Imagine Messi stepping into this current Chelsea squad to feed players like Falcao, Drogba, Torres and even Danny Sturridge and you get the picture.


MichaelWalker said...

well all of us know now that Alexis didn't go to Chelsea, he chose Barcelona, a decision that many players would do without hesitation and it is understandable, as it is understandable to choose a offshore sportsbook when you want to bet on some matches to avoid legal issues

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